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900 x 900 x 700

The nature of material-we find possibility in it. It is a very natural work to draw the only and unique potential within the material into the substance. Its designer makes the environment. When the designer leads the subject material appear as a form he or she wants sympathizing with it, and the form plays its role, the ‘soft design’ we think is completed. Soft design is unenforced naturalness. It draws a form of material which it is necessarily to be in certain nature and environment, respecting characteristics of the material. There is no awkwardness in the form because the unique characteristic of the material is absorbed in it. The material and its form harmonize well. And it is distinguished from hard design, which designers usually make the form by perforce, ignoring the nature of the material and setting it into the form already made that is somewhat awkward. We have interviewed on sponge as the first material of soft design. Elasticity, permeability and curve are natural characters and latent possibility which we found in the material of sponge. With respecting the characteristics, we helped them naturally materialize by generating the environment including press, casting lights, tying, etc. The result is the ‘Sponge’ series which we are going to exhibit.
We have respected the nature of elasticity which sponge has. What we did was to only press down rectangle sponge with metal. It transforms into that with an ability of chair in the process of the pressure by metal.

  • Date

    1월 1, 2009

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