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“Black is a color symbolic of Juun.J and the most beautiful shadow out of the shapeless existences is also black.“

If we look at the traditional house structure in the East, large roof files are put above the house basically and the whole structure is absorbed into within the deep and wide shade generated by the awning. Deep darkness below the awning is shadow as well as black within the space.

In an attempt to turn black into space, we organized space by either hanging plenty of objet or separating them and generating shadows. All spaces except white part for women’s wear on the first floor are composed of varied densities of darkness. While the first floor has contrasts with some white part, clothes here are also hung in darkness. The space of cafe generates various darknesses due to natural light dramatically penetrating from the ceiling. And eaves spreading forward work as an awning and make visitors feel natural light coming as a result of reflection on the garden. They can see the garden from within the space and find another shadow as a tree is floating in the garden.

The shape of the architecture is composed of circle, quadrangle and triangle, basic forms in all designs and the architecture is designed with the concept of dark matters of the universe. Especially, the garden-shaped circle, which is a space drawing natural light, plays an important role in making this dark matter a strking contrast.

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    5월 1, 2019

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